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Your Oil Tank Needs a Spring Fill-Up

Oil tank spring fill-up

It’s true — even in the offseason, a full tank is important! Why, you ask? An oil tank that is mostly empty during the warm weather is highly prone to condensation. That eventually leads to the growth of microorganisms and the formation of sediment at the bottom of the tank. As this sludge builds up, it will eventually work its way into your fuel lines, clogging them and causing the heating system to break down. As a further detriment, the sludge can bring about corrosion too.

Keeping your oil tank full in the spring and summer prevents this situation. Plus, our ultra-low-sulfur heating oil contains additives that fight the formation of sludge while burning cleanly when you’re ready to warm back up.

If you’re not part of our automatic delivery program, call us to request a fill-up. Or, eliminate worries altogether with a wireless Gremlin Tank Monitor! Newly available from Rural Fuels, these devices allow for easy, real-time updates on your fuel levels, making run-outs a thing of the past. Simply download the Gremlin app for your smartphone or tablet and see your percentage gauge and delivery data anytime, from anywhere. For more information, please contact us today.