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An Exciting Future for Oil Heat

Rick Rowan

Dear Friends,

The winter of 2019 marks an important milestone: This is the first winter that every gallon of heating oil delivered in Connecticut will have an ultra-low sulfur content. That’s good news for our customers, and for the environment.

As the state strengthens its commitment to providing cleaner-burning fuels and reducing carbon emissions, the heating oil industry has been stepping up to deliver cleaner, more efficient fuels that will help us meet those goals.

It’s important to remember that heating with oil makes sense in our climate. Oil delivers more BTU’s of heat than natural gas — meaning you need to burn less oil to generate the same amount of heat.

Today, the heating oil we deliver has 97% less sulfur than conventional heating oil, and produces nearly zero particulates. With fewer particulates, fuel burns more cleanly. That means that it’s better for your equipment. You’ll need fewer repairs and your system will last longer. Cleanerburning fuel is also more efficient, saving you money on fuel costs.

This is just the beginning. The goal is to deliver an equal blend of advanced biodiesel fuel and ultra-low sulfur oil within the next 25 years. According to the National Oilheat Research Alliance, reaching that goal will further reduce the carbon footprint and actually turn heating oil into a carbonneutral energy source.

Now, that’s something to celebrate!

Rick Rowan