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Oil Heat Cares

Eric Ferrigno

When we say we’re here for you, we’re serious. It means we’ll come to your home late at night to make a repair. It also means helping customers going through a rough time.

Last October, we had a customer whose boiler started leaking. It couldn’t be repaired, but she couldn’t afford to replace it. Knowing that this customer was retired, living on a fixed income and dealing with many medical bills, our technician Eric suggested that she would be a great candidate for the Oil Heat Cares program.

Oil Heat Cares is a nonprofit program run by an industry organization to help its members — oil and energy service companies, suppliers and technicians — provide major equipment or repairs to customers in need.

We were able to install a new, high-efficiency Utica boiler and indirect water heater at no cost to the customer — just in time for the cold weather. To learn more, visit today.