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Prebuy and Price Cap: How Do They Work?

Save money and make your life easier! Summer in southwestern Connecticut is awesome, isn’t it? Even though many of us are staying home a bit more often than we’d probably like because of the COVID-19 outbreak, at least the weather is warm enough to get outside for relaxing in the back yard or grilling dinner, […]

Why Should I Buy A New Propane Grill?

Enjoy National Grilling Month Cooking On A Propane Grill Did you know that July is National Grilling Month? If you didn’t already, you certainly now have another reason to fire up your propane grill! In doing that, if you notice your grill is starting to show its age, you want something with a few more features, […]

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How To Preserve Your Tank Water Heater

Compact in size and equipped with leading features like electronic ignition and highly insulated tanks, modern Energy Star–qualified storage tank water heaters offer superior value and comfort. All in all, they represent a versatile, efficient and reliable hot water solution, with a wide range of capacities to meet the demands of any home. But as […]

propane pool heater

Propane Pool Heaters: Perfect For A Summer Stay-cation

The perfect complement to complete your backyard oasis If your summer vacation plans have fallen through because of the COVID-19, you’re probably facing what will feel like a long summer at home here in southwestern Connecticut. However, this is a great opportunity to spend time at home with your family. Make the most of it […]

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The Benefits Of Adding Propane “Burner Tips” To Your Home

More is better when it comes to propane appliances! Do you us propane to heat your home? If you do, you know that its even-heating and efficiency cannot be matched by any other fuel. What you may not know is how versatile propane is! Look beyond your furnace or boiler, and you’ll be amazed at […]

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