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Three ways you can help us provide reliable fuel deliveries this winter

Winter 2019 is upon us – and although we have gotten relatively mild weather conditions so far this season, we all know what is possible during January & February here in Southwest Connecticut. Whatever the weather brings us, one thing is certain – our expert fleet drivers and technicians will be out there, working hard to […]

Resolutions 2019: Committing to a smarter, healthier, and safer Connecticut home

It’s New Year’s 2019 Resolution time – why not make a few that will cut stress and make your Connecticut home more comfortable and your life simpler, happier, and healthier in the year ahead? Here are six home comfort commitments to make for 2019: Check and change your air filters regularly – One of the […]


“Can Propane Freeze in My Tank?”

It can get pretty cold here in Connecticut during the winter, and if you have an outdoor aboveground propane tank, you might wonder if that cold weather could cause problems for the gas you put in it.

Happy Holidays

Rural Fuels: Here for You This Holiday Season

The holidays are a great time to enjoy a few relaxing days with family and friends in our warm and comfortable Connecticut home.

Ear listen

Sounds like Trouble: Your Guide to Water Heater Noises

Most of the time, your propane water heater is a silent partner in home comfort, working quietly behind the scenes to keep your washing machine full, your showers hot, and your dishwasher running.

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