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Child playing

The key to teaching propane safety to children? Keep it fun!

One of the most important responsibilities that the owner of a propane-powered home has is to make sure that everyone living there – including every child – knows what to do in a propane emergency. But how do you make propane safety memorable, or engaging, for young people? The short answer is that you have […]

Half full oil

Why it’s important to keep your fuel oil tank at least half full

With Memorial Day on the horizon, heating oil is probably the last thing on your mind as you gear up for what’s predicted to be a warmer-than-average summer here in the Northeast. But before you break out your swim trunks or throw some food on the grill, there are two heating system tasks you should […]

The propane advantage for commercial landscapers

If you’re a professional landscaper in Southwest Connecticut today, we don’t need to tell you how competitive the industry has become, with everyone in the space looking for ways to operate leaner, meaner, and greener. The good news, for smart business owners willing to consider the investment, is that converting your equipment to run on […]

Extend your swim season with a propane pool heater

If you’re yearning for a dip in your pool but don’t want to wait until a sweltering summer afternoon to take one, you basically have two options: fly somewhere warm, or bring the warmth to your pool with a propane pool heater! A propane pool heater uses a built-in heating element to warm water, which […]

How does a propane tankless water heater work?

If we ask you to picture a water heater in your mind’s eye, what would it look like? Most people would immediately see a giant tin can sitting somewhere in their basement taking up lots of space; they might also think about that time they ran out of hot water in the middle of a […]

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