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Bad weather ahead

Do You Have a Generator Readiness Plan?

Having a propane backup generator is a great way to face severe winter weather events here in Connecticut, where complications from a power failure can create dangerous problems for your home and family.

Carbon Monoxide Safety Q&A

Any appliance that burns fuel to produce energy – whether it’s a water heater, furnace, boiler, fireplace, cooktop, or space heater – produces at least some carbon monoxide (CO) as it operates. In small amounts, the gas is harmless, but if it accumulates in your home, it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning – a dangerous or even deadly […]

Propane Tank Monitoring from Rural Fuels: The ultimate in propane delivery peace of mind

Automatic propane delivery is one of our most convenient services – and a no-brainer step up from Will Call deliveries (especially because it’s FREE).


Avoiding the Pitfalls of Will Call

If you were a will-call heating oil or propane delivery customer last year, you probably had a long winter (in more ways than one).

How to read your Rural Fuels Service Invoice

Whether you manage your account with us online or by mail, any work that Rural Fuels does for you will be reflected in a written invoice.

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