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It’s That Time: Schedule Your Annual Heating System Service Check

Football season and golden foliage are nearly upon us – which means that crisp Connecticut days and nights aren’t far away either. Soon you’ll be calling your heating system into service – the question is, will it be ready to answer that call?

Save money on bills

Save 20 Percent or More on Your Energy Bills by Replacing This Appliance in Your Fairfield or New Haven Home

What’s about the size of a suitcase, mounts on your wall, can cut your energy bills by 20 percent a month and provides an endless supply of hot water to your Connecticut home every day?

Upgrade Your Summer With Clean, Green Propane

Summer is one of the best times of the year to enjoy the many benefits of clean, green propane! With propane, you can:

Make Your Bills More Predictable: Sign Up Today For Rural Fuels’ EZ Pay Budget Plan

Does having a predictable monthly payment sound more appealing than experiencing the unexpected shock of a high heating bill during winter holidays?

If it does, sign up today for Rural Fuels’ EZ Pay Budget Plan.

Central A/C unit

Choosing a New A/C System – Three Factors to Consider

A cooling system is one of the biggest home comfort investments you’ll make as a homeowner, so when the time comes to shop for a new one (and if your A/C is more than 10 years old, it probably is), it pays to do a little research.

Here are three critical factors for choosing a new A/C for your Southwest Connecticut home:

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