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The Big Facts about Heating Oil vs. Natural Gas

Let’s talk environmental friendliness If you’re building, renovating or buying your home here in Fairfield County, you have a choice in how it will be heated. If you’re weighing the options of heating oil and natural gas in your Connecticut residence, while taking energy efficiency and environmental friendliness into account, we have some real surprises […]

5 Tips for Saving on Heating Oil this Winter

Keep warm AND save some money! We New Englanders can be frugal, it’s true. Many of us will put on another layer of L.L. Bean flannel before we’ll turn up (or turn on) the heat in our Fairfield County home. However, if we do some smart things now, we can keep our heating oil costs […]

Propane Space Heaters: A Great Alternative Heating Source

Keep winter’s chill outside where it belongs! It’s been heating season in our Fairfield County homes for the past several weeks. How is your home heating system doing with keeping your home warm? Are there ways it could be better? With central heating, your heating system often has to run all day and all night […]

Why Installing a Propane Water Heater in Your Home is the Smart Choice this Winter

Know you’ll have hot water when you need it! Your water heater is a vital part of your home. It’s why you have hot water for showers and baths, and for your dishwasher, washing machine and sink. Think about how often all of those are used by you and your family during the day. That […]

Don’t Let Heating Oil Sludge Give You Headaches this Winter

Ignoring sludge won’t make it go away Do you know that there may be something in your heating oil tank besides heating oil? Sludge. Sludge is created when water condensation builds up on the interior walls of the empty part of your heating oil tank. That water drips down into the oil and sinks to […]

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