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Stay in Touch With Us and Keep Up With the Latest!

It Helps Us Serve You Better

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One of the advantages of the digital age is that technology makes it easier to stay connected.

We want our customers to stay connected with us so we can provide the very best service!

Rural Fuels makes it easy for you to keep in touch with us. An easy way to do that is to follow us on Facebook. We’ll post keep you informed in the event of bad weather, and let you know about our products and services with topical blog posts.

For the ultimate in ease and convenience, install the Rural Fuels app! It’s available at both the Apple App Store and Google Play. You can manage your account, pay your bill, request a fuel delivery, and more!

We also ask that you get in touch with us if there are any changes to your life or home that will impact your fuel usage now and down the road, such as building an addition on your home or adding propane appliances.

Make Sure You Have Enough Fuel

When you use Automatic Delivery for heating oil or propane, we base our delivery schedule not only on current weather conditions but also your historical usage. If you expect to use more fuel than usual in the coming weeks or months, please let us know so we can sure to more accurately plan your fuel delivery.

You’d be surprised what a difference even just one of those changes in your household can make in terms of your propane or heating oil usage.

If you worked outside the home before the pandemic, then you probably turned down the heat when you left or programmed your thermostat to do so for periods when you weren’t home. It’s a smart way to conserve energy and save money.

If you are working remotely full-time now, or even a few days a week, you’re going to be using your heating system more during the day to keep the home warm. You’ll be using more fuel.

If aging parents or relatives move in, your heating and/or propane usage will also increase as those individuals generally prefer their living spaces to be warmer than most people keep it. Adult children who move back home may also have an impact on your fuel usage when it comes to home heating, water heating, and cooking (if you use a propane range).

Contact us with any questions about our services!