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What is ULSHO?

Connecticut sets the standard for cleaner, greener home heating oil!

low sulfur heating oil
No, ULSHO is not the latest villain in a Marvel movie – but it is a superhero when it comes to heating your Fairfield County home!

ULSHO stands for ultra-low sulfur heating oil – and since July 2018, all heating oil sold in Connecticut is now Bioheat ULSHO.

At Rural Fuels, we’re ready to be your Bioheat ULSHO heating oil provider, delivered by winter-road tested drivers from a well-maintained fleet using delivery options that work with your schedule and your budget.

Bioheat ULSHO in Connecticut

The Bioheat ULSHO used here in Connecticut has 7 percent Bioheat, a blend of heating oil and biodiesel from sources like vegetable oils, algae, animal fats and recycled grease.

To meet ULSHO standards, heating oil must contain 15 parts-per-million (ppm) of sulfur or less – a number that helps your home’s oil heating system. Sulfur buildup is a common cause of heating equipment breakdowns, so less sulfur in your heating oil is a very good thing: it reduces the need for service calls and prolongs the life of your home’s oil heating system, all while improving its efficiency and performance.

Using Bioheat ULSHO also helps reduce the environmental impact of heating your Connecticut home by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Check out these reductions:

  • 97 percent less sulfur dioxide
  • 85 percent less particulate matter
  • 15 percent less nitrous oxide
  • 7 percent less carbon dioxide

Using Bioheat ULSHO reduces Connecticut’s carbon emissions by more than 365,000 metric tons, the equivalent of 80,000 fewer cars on our roads!

We make delivery of Bioheat ULSHO easy and budget-friendly. You can sign up for automatic heating oil delivery so you don’t have to worry about running out of heating oil. And you have multiple payment options. Our EZ Pay Budget Program lets you spread your annual heating oil bill into 12 equal payments. With our Pre-buy Program, you get to lock in a preseason price for your heating oil. And our Autopay program saves you from having to make sure to pay your bill on time with your monthly heating oil payment automatically deducted from your checking or debit card account.

For reliable delivery of Bioheat ULSHO heating oil, become a Rural Fuels customer, today!