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When is the Cheapest Time to Buy Propane?

cheapest time to buy propane

NOW is the time to lock in your propane price with Pre-buy!

What with heatwaves, pool parties, days at the beach and cookouts, the last thing you want to be thinking about right now is heating your Fairfield County home in the winter.

But taking a few minutes now can save you money and stress later. How? By enrolling in the Rural Fuels Pre-buy program!

What is propane Pre-buy?

Rural Fuels’ Pre-buy option is a way for you to manage your propane costs.

Instead of fluctuating propane prices leading to unpredictable propane bills, you can lock in the price of your propane by buying your propane in advance (at pre-season prices). You can purchase up to 100 percent of the propane that you used in the previous year.

With the guaranteed price on the propane that comes from our Pre-buy program, you could dramatically reduce your winter fuel bills.

Don’t want to buy all of your propane in advance but still want the low stress of predictable propane bills? Sign up for our no-fee EZ Pay plan, which spreads out your propane costs over 12 equal monthly payments. Sign up early and you may be eligible for discounts! You can make managing your propane bills even easier with our Autopay option, which automatically deducts your monthly payment from your checking account or debit card. No need to worry about finding a stamp, having to make sure you pay your bill online in time, or the possibility of late fees!

You only have until October 1 to take advantage of the Pre-buy opportunity, so dry off from that dip in the pool and contact Rural Fuels today to enroll in our propane Pre-buy program while time is right!