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Your Water Heater Works Harder in Winter

Rural Fuels is here to help should any water heater issues arise this season

water heaterThis time of year, you’re probably paying close attention to your furnace and boiler. It makes sense, because this is the time of year they work the hardest.

So too is your water heater. Like many of us, you probably didn’t know that. And you’re probably now wondering why that is. Here are three reasons:

Colder water. Whether you get your water from a well like many of us here in Fairfield County or from the public water supply, the water is colder in the winter. This is called “lower inlet temperature.” And because of this lower inlet temperature, you water heater has to work harder to heat that water to the temperature you want. It also has to use more energy to get the job done.

Standing heat loss. The most common kind of water heater here in southwestern Connecticut is a conventional water heater with a tank. And the most common place for them is down in the unheated basement. As you were likely reminded after putting away the holiday decorations earlier this month, it’s cold down there this time of year. When you’re away during the day, the water sits in your water heater tank, losing heat. That’s standing heat loss. And when the water is reheated so it’s ready to use, it takes more effort from your water heater to do that.

More hot water usage. On cold winter mornings, it’s normal to linger a few extra minutes in the shower. Add holiday hosting, kids home from school, and the extra laundry, bathing and dishwasher use that come with those, you’re likely using more water and putting more demand on your water heater.

Did you know that heating water makes up about 20 percent of your home’s energy usage? That’s why your water heater working harder matters. It adds to your energy costs.

Want to take a bite out of that bill? The best way to do that is regular maintenance of your water heater by Rural Fuels’ trained and experienced service technicians to help your water heater run at its best efficiency so it will use less energy while keeping your water hot.

And if you’re ready to replace your water heater, Rural Fuels can help you upgrade to a top-quality, energy-efficient tankless water heater that will give you not only endless hot water whenever you want it but energy savings to boot! We can also help you with rebates and tax savings from the Energize Connecticut initiative.

Contact Rural Fuels to find out how we can help you with your water heating this season.