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2019 Winter Newsletter

Rick Rowan

An Exciting Future for Oil Heat

Dear Friends,

The winter of 2019 marks an important milestone: This is the first winter that every gallon of heating oil delivered in Connecticut will have an ultra-low sulfur content.

Dennis Deninger

Great Job, Dennis!

Recently, a satisfied propane customer praised Dennis Deninger, one of our service technicians on Google Reviews after he helped her with an equipment problem after hours. Here’s what the customer had to say:

Rural Fuels


Please join us in welcoming Service Technicians Clarence Adams & Ilias Papanikolaou as they join our talented and dedicated Rural Fuels team! They’re here helping us to provide you with the best service, quality and value in 2019.

Dad and son jumping on bed

Feel Safer at Home

Being safe at home becomes a lot easier when you rely on oil or propane heat — and us! To keep you even safer this season, we offer some advice.

Safety first

Safety Is Our Priority

Customers have always chosen Rural Fuels for our dependability. A huge part of that revolves around safety. We invest in training to ensure careful handling and delivery of both heating oil and propane.

Eric Ferrigno

Oil Heat Cares

When we say we’re here for you, we’re serious. It means we’ll come to your home late at night to make a repair. It also means helping customers going through a rough time.

Propane fireplace

Warm up with a Propane Fireplace

Nothing adds more cozy charm to a room than a crackling fire. Propanefueled fireplaces provide ambience — and also deliver efficient and eco-friendly supplemental heat — without the mess, smoke and ash of a wood-burning fireplace.

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