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2017 Fall Newsletter

More than Ever, One Call Does It All!

Dear Friends,

We’ve built our business on serving customers the right way: Treating them like people and standing behind everything we do.

Mark Rowan

Ask the Expert

Q: What does the gas regulator on my tank do?

A: The gas regulator is an important safety barrier between the high-pressure maintained in the tank and the lower pressure needed to run your propane appliances.

Dawn Barbierri

Easy Does It!

Our friendly customer service representatives are always happy to take your calls, answer your questions and even talk you through some troubleshooting steps to help you avoid a repair call. But we also know you’re busy.

Family w/ their dog

Safe and Comfortable with Propane and Oil Heat

Whether you use propane, heating oil or both, this information can help you make smart decisions — and stay safe and comfortable too!

Wayne Schalich

Need a New Heating System? Avoid Common Mistakes!

If you want to replace your old heating system, there is a lot to consider — price, of course, but also size and type.

Can You Cut Your Heating Costs by 30%?

Make this the year to replace your old furnace! Not only will your new system save you 30% or more on annual heating bills, it will do a better job of keeping your home comfortable.

Snow shovel

Safe and Warm!

We know prompt service is important. Please help us make fuel deliveries on schedule — and keep our drivers safe — by keeping your driveway plowed on delivery days.

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