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Discover propane’s many uses – the “all around your home” fuel


Clothes encounters
Gas dryers typically dry your clothes 25% faster than electric models while being gentler on fabrics. Why spend any more time than necessary doing laundry?
Hearth and home
Light your fire with the flip of a switch and enjoy realistic flames. Gas fireplaces can produce twice as much heat as wood ones at about a third of the cost, with no soot, ash or smoke.
Cook like a pro
Gas ovens give you better temperature control and heat distribution than electric stoves. Many feature an automatic, electric ignition system, which saves propane.
Warm up to propane
High-efficiency propane furnaces deliver all the warm air you need, no matter how cold it gets. Heated air from a furnace is much warmer than the temperatures of electric heat pumps.
All the hot water you want
A tankless water heater eliminates the need to keep water sitting in a storage tank, wasting energy. What’s more, it’s almost impossible to run out of hot water, no matter how many showers, hot baths or laundry loads are running at the same time.


Thrill to your grill
Propane grills light instantly, heat faster than charcoal, and emit less carbon monoxide and soot. Higher-end grills offer drawers, side burners, surface lighting and LED temperature displays.
Keep the party going
Take the chill out of the night air with patio heaters and outdoor fireplaces, which can raise outdoor temperatures by as much as 30º.
Pool Play
Whether you own a pool or a spa, a propane pool heater will warm the water faster and at less cost than electric.
Power up
Propane generators operate quietly and are much safer than noisy portable gasoline generators. Never lose power.
Light the way
Propane is nice for lighting your home’s exterior. For example, tiki torches provide plenty of light and ambiance while eliminating the smell and residue created by oil-burning torches.

Safe, clean, efficient propane can be used just about anywhere in your home, powering all your propane appliances from a single underground tank.

Here are some of the great ways to use propane for your home or business:

  1. Furnaces and boilers– On average, propane furnaces and boilers heat your home for about half the cost of electricity. They’re also smaller and last about twice as long as the average electric heat pump.
  2. Clothes dryers – Propane clothes dryers are about twice as efficient as electric dryers. They also cause less wear and tear on fabrics.
  3. Fireplaces, fireplace inserts and gas logs – Today’s realistic propane hearths generate heat more efficiently than wood-burning fireplaces, without the set-up and clean-up hassles.
  4. Water heaters – Propane water heaters cost up to 30 percent less to operate and have a recovery rate that’s nearly twice as fast as electric heaters. Wall-mounted propane tankless water heaters provide virtually unlimited hot water from a suitcase-sized unit, so you’ll have more installation flexibility.
  5. Generators – Power outages can be a hassle – or even a danger – to your family. When Mother Nature strikes, a whole-house propane generator will keep your power on, your food fresh, your alarms and sump pump running and more.
  6. Outdoor living – Turn your outdoor space into a luxurious extra room with a propane fire pit or space heater, or extend your outdoor entertainment season with propane pool heaters and propane cooking grills.
  7. Space heaters – Propane space heaters are easy to install and incredibly efficient. They also burn cleaner, with fewer emissions than fuel oil space heaters. Use them in your home or for just about any commercial application.
  8. Ovens and ranges – Propane ovens and ranges are significantly less expensive to run and give you more precise temperature control than electric models.
  9. Fleet fueling – Clean, green propane autogas can power your small fleet of buses or trucks – or even your lawnmowers and landscaping equipment.

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